Romagnolo Wheat

Grain: the solid foundation on which we build every day

At Riccione Piadina we have a devotion to wheat and treat it exactly as our grandparents did.

“My grandmother would go into the field after the harvest and glean, that is, she would gather what was left on the ground, then grind in the village mill, at home she would amalgamate with water and lard, and patiently we would wait for the dough to mature and become elastic and firm.”
Roberto Bugli A.d.

Love of tradition in the modern harvest

Working techniques over time have evolved and now harvesting is fully automated.
What has not changed, however, is the love and connection to tradition that we still proudly carry on.

This grain is produced following a supply chain traceability system, under which the farms involved strictly adhere to a production specification that starts with demonstrating that the cultivated areas are located in the geographical area that can be defined as Romagna, namely the provinces of Rimini, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and part of the province of Bologna.

Certified Romagna’s Wheat

The soft wheat we have chosen for our Romagna piadinas has supply chain certification and is exclusively certified Romagna wheat.

The goal is to create value for farmers, improve environmental sustainability and give consumersmore certaintyabout the origin of raw materials.

In order to have reliable data on traceability, companies involved in the project are required to report any data.
Starting with the cadastral situation and the amount of seed used, companies provide information regarding treatments and fertilization of cultivated fields, up to the final threshing numbers.

In this way, inspection bodies can verify that what is harvested does not exceed what is sown, clearly taking into account environmental situations and the yield of that year’s crop.

A great story in every bite

The harvested grain is then stored in dedicated supply chain grain centers. Each procedure has been outlined so that the processes take place with the utmost care not to bring wheat from supply chain productions into contact with the rest of the soft wheat processed by the mill.

Grain processing and processing into flour are also carried out following specific proven steps to avoid cross-contamination.
This is for a twofold purpose. On the one hand to enhance and show everyone the great love we have for our territory and the agricultural realities that are part of it.
On the other to always offer our customers the best possible product, good Romagna piadinas that can tell a great story in every bite.

We use only the heart of the grain

From the ear of wheat we choose only a small percentage: about 10 percent becomes, in fact, flour chosen for our piadinas.
We choose this small part that is the heart of the grain, it is the most valuable and allows for such good and tasty piadina Romagnola.

Have you ever put your hands in the wheat? Have you ever really felt the texture of each grain?
These are emotions that we fortunately experienced when we were young and that still lead us to constantly improve our work.

A devotion to grain

We treat it just as our grandparents did, only the processing over time has evolved, but always with love and connection to our tradition. We of the ears of corn choose only the heart!

Raw materials

Guarantee of excellence: certified, territorial and controlled raw materials.

Romagna in every sense of the word

In Riccione Piadina, culture, flavors and history come together to create memories.

His majesty, the piadina!

Explore our lines of Classic and IGP Piadinas, Organic, Special, Gluten Free, Cassoni Romagnoli and many other delicious specialties.

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