Italian salt processed with care

We choose Italian salt from Sardinia because we believe in our local economies, always safe and guaranteed.

In the sea salt we use for piadina romagnola, there are substances that are indispensable to the proper functioning of the human body that are perfectly balanced with each other such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc.

We want to allow everyone to experience the goodness of this extraordinary fruit of the earth, which grows in the typical Romagna soil, moist and mild, close to the sea, which gives us the main ingredient of the true Piadina Romagnola.

Salt of Sardinia

Sardinia is among the largest sea salt producing regions. Old traditions that have been handed down for years to bring the authentic flavor of the land of Sardinia to your tables.

A natural product extracted by evaporation from seawater, it preserves the original flavor of the Sardinian Sea. The resulting product is a sea salt of exceptional quality, perfect for piadina romagnola, known and appreciated worldwide for its chemical and organoleptic characteristics.

Raw materials

Guarantee of excellence: certified, territorial and controlled raw materials.

His majesty, the piadina.

Explore our lines of Classic and IGP Piadinas, Organic, Special, Gluten Free, Cassoni Romagnoli and many other delicious specialties.

The Taste in Preview

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