Water is the second ingredient in our recipe

Water is essential for flour aggregation and gluten mesh formation.
It is by choosing the right amount of water of the best quality that the right alchemy is achieved to bring a quality piadina to life.
The absolute best water does not exist, however, there are waters that are functional for each of our needs and have parameters that are close to the concept of “purity,” a concept that we associate with an excellent organoleptic parameter, that is, not perceiving anything in the taste of water.

A local source, the Ridracoli Dam.

The water we use in Riccione Piadina comes from the Ridracoli Dam, a local spring in the province of Forli – Cesena.

It is a crystal-clear water with a balanced mineral salt content and neutral ph, making it excellent for consumption as drinking water and for cooking preparations

Raw materials

Guarantee of excellence: certified, territorial and controlled raw materials.

Romagna in every sense of the word

In Riccione Piadina, culture, flavors and history come together to create memories. Our commitment to quality, authenticity and innovation is what sets us apart from other brands.

Flavor, passion, Romagna excellence

Explore our lines of Classic and IGP Piadinas, Organic, Special, Gluten Free, Cassoni Romagnoli and many other delicious specialties.

The Taste in Preview

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