30 years together

30 years together

When you first kicked the ball…
When you were snacking with me in school….
When you got a bad grade and I was there to console you….
When your mom wanted to surprise you….
When you let your grandfather from Milan taste it and it became his favorite food….
When you spent Sundays with your family with your loved ones….

When you conquered her with a Piadina…
When I made you smile while you were sad….
When you felt like partying…
When I warmed your heart after the first disappointment of Love….
When on a bad weather day I reminded you of your summer …
When you had your aperitif with your feet in the sand….
When you didn’t know what to eat and found me in the refrigerator….
When you came out of the disco and you were very hungry….

When you celebrated the World Cup with us in 2006…
When you let your son taste it….
When you came to Romagna…
When you amazed your friends…
When you listened to your favorite song…
When you think of vacations in Romagna…
And as many times as you still get excited with me,
Because it is thanks to you that this magic is renewed every day.

…Piadina is a state of mind.

Romagna in every sense

In Riccione Piadina, culture, flavors and history come together to create memories.

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