Organic Piadina

Organic Piadina

The best from nature mixed with wisdom

Organic Piadina: nature and sustainability

Always mindful of environmental and social sustainability, for our organic piadinas we have chosen only natural products, not subject to fertilizers, herbicides or other chemicals. In this way we respect the environment and avoid overexploitation of resources, thereby protecting both consumers and producers.

Organic piadinas are lighter and more digestible, thanks to a substantial reduction in the fat used in the recipe and salt (compared to traditional piadinas) and the use of whole or ancient grains, which are more organoleptically complete.

Ancient cereals: authenticity of tradition and people

The ancient grains we use are varieties that have not undergone any genetic manipulation by humans to increase their yield, remaining as authentic as those our ancestors grew.

Their ears are composed of irregular grains that are not processed intensively, but by milling to obtain whole or semi-wheat flours, which better preserve the nutritional properties of the grain. These grains contain a lower percentage of gluten, so they are lighter and more digestible.

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Romagna in every sense

In Riccione Piadina, culture, flavors and history come together to create memories.

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