We make Piadine

The real piadina romagnola, and this is our story.

We do this at home in Riccione. Our name is the most accurate summary of who we are.
It brings with it, in a warm embrace, tradition and territory.

And we are proud of that. Riccione is the place where we were born, a small town that overlooks on the Adriatic and which everyone is now familiar with, one of Italy’s most desirable locations, where so many have been pampered, in which memories of joy, of vacations, of carefree hours and fun and that we call home.

The piadina, our typical product

Those who come to Riccione want to eat piadina, that’s mathematical.
Because piadina is not just a simple product whose recipe has been handed down for centuries: it is a universal dish that goes well with everything and brings a smile to anyone who tastes it.

We do what we like. We are the only ones who can call themselves Riccione Piadina. Our goal is to introduce everyone to the real piadina romagnola.

We have 30 years of history-a quarter century is a beautiful age that shows how teamwork can lead to important results.

It is because of the experience we have gained that we can look to the future with the prospect of still being able to improve and amaze in the years to come, always remaining the symbol of quality and reliability that we are today in the world of piadinas.

The production area, synonymous with success

We are not just talking about the know-how we have developed over the years, made up of knowledge and efficient production standards that have enabled us to achieve significant economies of scale. It is more about the air in our manufacturing plants, where knowledge of what is being done and the ability to improve recipes, elaborate new products, try them and test them, they are the order of the day and spread as harmoniously as the scent of piadina that pervades our company.

And it is with this in mind that we have been able to offer the real piadina romagnola and bring production to absolute efficiency.

With the latest implementations we have come, in less than two years, to improve hourly productivity by 200% while consuming more than80% less energy andreducing waste by more than 95%.

We are proud of our achievements, not least because we are doing so by pursuing an ethical choice at a time in history when it is crucial to impact the environment as little as possible.

An ethical choice for the environment

In fact, we have also equipped our company with photovoltaic panels and join the Repower Project for the development and input of environmentally sustainable energy.

Being ahead of the curve is a choice, and the eye is always on new green innovations, reducing waste, and helping to protect our planet.

Improved productionhas also allowed our operators to take a quantum leap, becoming specialized personnel who no longer have simple labor tasks but are deputed to line control and quality maximization.

We are not talking about workers but about collaborators, because everyone contributes to the best possible success of each piadina. And the results are tangible.

The Taste in Preview

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