Happy Ricc

Happy Ricc

They are simply irresistible, one pulls the other!

The formula for their success:

  • Crispy Piadina Snack
  • 100% ingredients of Italian origin
  • Certified Romagna’s Wheat
  • Baked

Perfect for any occasion, in 5 different flavors!

Are you relaxing on the beach, or planning a snack at home? A picnic in the park? these snacks will amaze all who taste them.

They are simply irresistible, one pulls the other!

Crispy piadina snacks

These snacks are made from our Piadina baked to perfection in our ovens to create a crispy, incredibly satisfying texture.

First-rate ingredients

Certified Romagna Wheat and premium ingredients (the same ones used for our Piadinas) make HappyRicc super tasty.


Perfect for snacking on any occasion: ideal for a tastyappetizer or a tasty snack. They can be eaten alone, or combined with cold cuts, cheeses, creams and sauces.

Mix of delicious flavors

Happyricc comes in a variety of delicious flavors: classic flavor, herb, turmeric, paprika, and protein.

Romagna in every sense

In Riccione Piadina, culture, flavors and history come together to create memories.

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