Our certifications

From the very beginning, we have oriented our choices of producing piadina romagnola and acquiring raw materials toward a total preservation of the land and its crops.
Our territory is a veritable treasure trove of perched villages, plains, gently rolling hills and rivers that flow to the sea.

Your piadina IGP, our guarantee

Quality for us at Riccione Piadina comes first. Maintaining a high standard of quality through the careful selection of raw materials used, intervening precisely and promptly in the various stages of production, and spreading the culture of quality and food safety throughout the entire process is the foundation of our company.

Certified Romagna’s Wheat

The flour we use for conventional piadinas is made only from Romagna wheat with ISO 2200 supply chain certification5, grown and processed by companies in the Romagna region involved in a program that includes reporting on each stage of wheat cultivation and compliance with specific safety and quality standards with timely monitoring by the relevant bodies.
In this way tracking is complete and involves every aspect, from planting to threshing, from milling to selling.

From the ear of corn we choose only a small percentage.

In fact, 10 percent becomes the flour of choice for our piadinas and is the most valuable, white and fragrant part, selected for its structural characteristics, such as a low ash value of about 0.45 percent (well below the maximum value by law of 0.55 percent) and W strength of 190, which indicates its average water-absorbing capacity and makes the piadina extremely soft and fragrant.

The IFS and BRC Standards

We want to protect consumer health by operating in compliance with the environment, and all current laws regarding health and safety in the workplace, well aware of our social and ethical responsibilities towards the communities in which we operate. We are proud to tell you that we have achieved BRC and ISF certifications, International Standards for Food Safety: The BRC Food Standard < /strong>defines the requirements for the production of safe food and the criteria for managing the quality of products proposed by suppliers and retailers, in order to meet customer expectations and protect the consumer. The standard is aimed at guaranteeing the safety and quality of products, as an effective tool in demonstrating the fulfillment of all obligations under the rules and regulations regarding food safety.

The IFS Food Standard was designed to verify the compliance of suppliers with regards to the mandatory health and hygiene safety requirements of food products. Certification in accordance with this standard is an essential prerequisite for selling your products in the European large-scale retail trade (large-scale retail trade). The IFS Food certification is mainly aimed at companies preparing and processing food products intended for large-scale distribution. The standard, recognized internationally, is aimed at guaranteeing food safety and the quality of production industry processes, supporting organizations in quality control activities. Specifically, some salient points of the aforementioned Standards include:

  • The adoption of a Quality Management System
  • The adoption of a HACCP self-control system< /li>
  • The adoption of good manufacturing practices
  • The control of standards for product, process, personnel, working environment

Riccione Piadina is also PGI

riccionepiadina it products-igp-italia-certifications 007PGI, an acronym now in common use, which you can find on other Italian PGI products such as cheeses, vinegar, cured meats and many others, meaning Protected Geographical Indication.

Yes, because our PGI piadina is made in compliance with a production specification that establishes the areas in which the product should be processed and sets rules on its production in terms of raw materials, shape, color, thickness. All this is done to ensure strict adherence to the traditional Piadina Romagnola recipe.

PGI is a trademark awarded by the European Union to those products (agricultural or food) for which a particular quality, reputation or other characteristic depends on geographical origin, and whose production, processing and/or elaboration takes place in a specific territory. To obtain the mark, at least one of the production steps must be carried out in the area in question (Article 5 of EU Regulation No. 1151/2012).

For us be part of the “Consortium for the Protection and Promotion of Piadina Romagnola PGI” is a source of pride, it is a further enhancement of the product, a recognition for which we have always been at the forefront, promoting its importance and fighting to certify an increasingly popular and well-known product like Piadina Romagnola.
Our IGP Piadine Romagnole come in two types:
“Riminese style” characterized by being thin, soft and flexible. Typical of the areas of lower Romagna
“La Spessa,” as its name implies, is thicker and smaller in diameter than the “Riminese-style” variant. This is the typical piadina in the northern area of the provinces of Rimini, Forlì-Cesena and Faenza.

Riccione Piadina, Organic and Nature

riccionepiadina it products-igp-italia-certifications 008We have always been attentive to environmental and social sustainability. We have, in fact, chosen to produce a range of products made according to the Organic production method: only natural raw materials, to produced without the use of fertilizers, herbicides or other chemicals, respecting the environment and avoiding the overexploitation of resources, protecting both consumers and producers.

The organic production method performs a dual social function, providing for a specific market that meets consumer demand for organic products on the one hand, and providing goods that contribute to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development on the other.

We are proud to assure you that our food labeled as organic is processed, handled and distributed in compliance with EU organic farming regulations.

Riccione Gluten Free Piadina

riccionepiadina it products-igp-italia-certifications 009When we talk about innovation in the field of gluten-free products we are talking about constant research and patient discovery of new recipes and combinations, research that is still pioneering due to the absence of an established literature on the subject. We devote time and energy to the discovery of new recipes and the continuous improvement of gluten-free products.

Since 2015, Riccione Piadina has chosen to dedicate an entire plant for the production of gluten-free piada: 600 square meters, authorized by special health recognition act. This choice is an uncommon step in the gluten-free market, which is characterized by few factories producing for more than one brand. This choice has allowed us to offer a unique product because unique and exclusive is their production site

The exclusive factory also allows greater control over every moment of production, the flexibility to respond promptly to any new requirements, and the concrete implementation of research and development activities. All these aspects result in higher quality and constant innovation of Riccione Piadina products.

We are proud to have achieved:

– the act of recognition prot. 7929 dated 19/06/2015 to the suitability of production and packaging of gluten-free products.
– AIC’s concession to the use of the “Spiga Barrata” trademark for greater safety of the final product and greater clarity in communication to the celiac consumer.
In fact, the Italian Celiac Disease Association grants the use of the “Spiga Barrata” only to those producers who abide by the strict AIC concession specifications. This mark also manages to simply and unequivocally communicate the safety of the product on which it is affixed, which is why Riccione Piadina has chosen to make it easier for celiac consumers to choose by obtaining the Barred Ear for all its gluten-free products.

His majesty, the piadina!

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