A territory to love and safeguard

From the very beginning, we have oriented our choices of producing piadina romagnola and acquiring raw materials toward a total preservation of the land and its crops.
Our territory is a veritable treasure trove of perched villages, plains, gently rolling hills and rivers that flow to the sea.

A growing number of visitors are pushing further and further inland from the Adriatic coasts, especially by motorcycle, to savor the winding curves between the green meadows and fields and the blue sky and sea. It is no accident that so many phenomenal pilots were born and raised in this very area and so many continue to be born.

Our commitment

In theRomagna summer, beaches resound with merriment and piadina stands are places of pilgrimage. From sunrise, when the revelers come out of the discos, until sunset, when the appetizer on the beach has already been enjoyed, there is always room for a stuffed piadina.

Because of our deep love for this land, we have chosen to produce and use local raw materials in order to preserve the authentic traditions of Romagna.

His majesty, the piadina!

Explore our lines of Classic and IGP Piadina, Organic, Special, Gluten Free, Cassoni Romagnoli and many other delicious specialties.

The Taste in Preview

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