Classic Piadina Romagnola Out of the Fridge

Riccione Piadina Ambient

The same quality as fresh, now also out of the fridge

Surprisingly soft and with a fragrant taste our Piadinas from the Out-of-Fridge Line: CLASSIC THIN, CLASSIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, GLUTEN-FREE, LA SPESSA.

The convenience of being able to keep them in the pantry ready for any occasion!

The formula for their success:

  • Ingredients of the highest quality
  • Respect for natural processing times
  • No added chemical preservatives
  • Unique temperature-differentiated cooking system

The taste of knowing how to wait…

Choosing the perfect moment after the right amount of time for the dough to rest, before baking, is the magic touch in our daily production. Precooking at different heat temperatures is the trick to enjoying piada romagnola.

Using the experience of tradition, when piadinas were baked on grandmothers’ stoves, we had a technological oven made that allows the piadinas to puff up and flake. That is why they are so soft and fluffy.

Finish cooking it on the Testo Romagnolo

The piadina is perfect only if it is cooked using Testo Romagnolo. This is a fantastic pan that provides even, fast and precise baking.

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Romagna in every sense of the word

In Riccione Piadina, culture, flavors and history come together to create memories.

The Taste in Preview

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