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Happier people


“Vogliamo portare la cultura della piadina nel mondo con gentilezza.
Andiamo oltre le aspettative e stupiamo chi ci sceglie, offrendo a tutti il meglio di cui siamo capaci e lo facciamo come lo faremmo per una persona speciale. Produciamo sorrisi col sorriso.
Ogni piadina prodotta è un sorriso in più.
Con tutta la passione che contraddistingue la Romagna e i romagnoli.”

I valori

Passione, gentilezza, rispetto, condivisione

Perché Riccione Piadina?

Il nome “Riccione Piadina” è una scelta intenzionale che riflette appieno l’expertise dell’azienda.

da un lato, il core business rappresentato dalla piadina, sinonimo di qualità per i consumatori; dall’altro, la tradizione del territorio di Riccione, una località rinomata per l’ospitalità, la gioia e il divertimento.

The logo, represented by an ear of corn, is wrapped in the social colors orange and brown. Orange was chosen to symbolize action, a characteristic that sets us apart, always being active and ready to succeed. Brown represents the earth, as every one of our activities originates here, on our land, where every day we breathe unique magic.

Prodotti buoni resi ancora più speciali

Ogni nostra scelta è guidata dalla strategia di marketing.

Comunicazione: Predominanza del colore arancione per differenziarci e avere un impatto forte.

Packaging: Non trasparente per differenziarci e preservare la qualità del prodotto.

Materie prime eccellenti

Our packages contain the highest quality piadinas, made with care and attention to detail. We purchase the best raw materials from safe and reliable suppliers, favoring Italian ingredients to proudly represent our country.

Our mission is to spread Piadina Romagnola throughout Italy. We organize point-of-sale tastings to make consumers understand how easy it is to make a piadina. On our site we offer
that show how each ingredient goes perfectly with piadina.

All this information is also on our packaging, so thatanyone can make a piadina themselves, followed step by step by our directions

The pursuit of product quality is imperative

Our top priority is product quality. Our operators ensure flawless workmanship, but it is equally important that the raw materials are first-rate, from safe and reliable suppliers.

Per questo motivo, orientiamo la nostra azienda produttrice di piadina sull’utilizzo di ingredienti di origine italiana, perché siamo orgogliosi di rappresentare il nostro Paese a livello globale.



Since 2014, Piadina Romagnola has officially obtained the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certification: this is a mark awarded to those products that meet certain quality, processing and elaboration characteristics of the product and are made in a specific geographical area.

Organic Certification

Attention to environmental, social and economic sustainability prompted Riccione Piadina to create a product line specifically for this type of market, thanks to approval from theItalian Organic Certification Board.

Certificazione dell’AIC

Tutti inostri prodotti Senza Glutine sono certificati dall’Associazione Italiana Celiachia AIC ed erogabili: con l’investimento in uno stabilimento produttivo appositamente dedicato alla Linea Senza Glutine infatti.

Ricerca e sviluppo

Today, it is no longer enough to create a one-size-fits-all product, but it is necessary for each category of consumers to have a wide choice according to their tastes and needs.

This is why Riccione Piadina is a dynamic brand, always looking for the most suitable product according to market trends, and always committed to the constant improvement of products on the market.

Each Piadina Romagnola we market has a story all its own: from the choice of ingredients, to communication, each product is studied in detail thanks to a team effort that makes each product unique and inimitable.

Piadina experience: the dream come true

We can finally say that we have realized our dream: to create a special place where the Magic of Piadina takes shape.

Piadina experience, in fact it is the first Museum in the world dedicated to Piadina: a real experience in the world of Piadina, telling its history and ingredients: an immersive, multimedia and technological path that will guide you to our production plant: “technology at the service of tradition.”

The Taste in Preview

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