Piadina Romagnola Flour

Wheat flour

Our wheat flour, the main ingredient of piadina romagnola, is obtained exclusively from certified Romagnolo Wheat. Grown in the lands of Romagna, from selected farms, the wheat follows strict quality and traceability controls throughout the production process. Only a small percentage of the wheat, the finest heart, becomes our flour of choice to create delicious piadinas. A choice that reflects our commitment to the safety and enhancement of local products, keeping the Romagna tradition alive.

The Kamut

Kamut is a grain belonging to the same family as soft and hard wheat, with its specific variety called Khorasan. This wheat, formerly grown in the Middle East region, has been granted a patented designation and follows a strict specification for its production limited to specific areas in North America. Kamut stands out for its nutritional composition, rich in minerals such as magnesium, selenium, sodium, and zinc, and for the higher amount of protein, which gives the piadina romagnola a perfect result without the addition of yeast, salt, or other ingredients.

Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour has gained attention in recent years due to its unique properties, becoming a sought-after option in various dietary regimens. We at Riccione piadina have chosen to use this precious flour to enrich our piadina romagnola. But what makes buckwheat so special?

Buckwheat looks like an ornamental plant, with visible flowers that make it unique in its beauty. The resulting flour, widely used in macrobiotic and celiac cuisine, has found a special place in our piadina romagnola, bringing with it a unique and extraordinary flavor.

Whole wheat flour

The whole-wheat flour we use is a source of fiber and rich in outer bran, and contains vitamins and minerals from the wheat germ. This whole grain cereal is lighter and more digestible, made by grinding or crushing the whole wheat seed.

Whole-wheat flour is the product of grinding the grain of wheat of which the middlings, or the coating underneath the bran, is retained.
The more flour is processed, the more bran and germ of the grain are discarded.
Romagnola piadina made with whole wheat flour yields a fiber- and protein-rich product with ancient origins.

Raw materials

Guarantee of excellence: certified, territorial and controlled raw materials.

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